Mining • Pacific Northwest

Thanks to our sister company, Catherwood Transportation, we are able to provide reliable, safe, and adaptable support services for mining projects.

If you are looking for an easier way to transport goods from point A to point B, our barging and cable ferry services provide you with the flexibility of transporting goods at all hours of the day. All mining support services provided by CTL and Catherwood Transportation are extremely efficient, competitively priced, and are performed by the best crew members the industry has to offer.

Mining support services

  • Transportation of goods
  • Barging across lakes and rivers
  • Cable ferry services on Ootsa Lake

Your Project: On Time, on budget, no headaches.

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“I have called upon CTL at all hours of the clock with countless emergencies of the day over the last three decades, I have yet ever to be let down.”

Craig Longsmuir
Fraser River Pile & Dredge Inc.

With half a century sailing in the Pacific Northwest, we are the team to trust with your marine logistic needs.

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